Guidelines and deadlines

Guidelines and deadlines

The conference topics listed on the website are indicative.

The organizing committee may accept communications that are submitted on topics not included in the guidelines but closely related to them, provided that the Scientific Committee also deems it appropriate.

The preliminary abstract of the communications will be uploaded to the website in the designated space.

The submitted abstracts must have a minimum length of 700 words and a maximum of 1000 words. The following rules will be followed in their preparation:

  • The text will be preceded by the title in uppercase letters, and below that, in single spacing, the author’s name and surname and their affiliated institution in Times New Roman 12.
  • They must be written in Spanish or English, both the aforementioned abstract and the subsequent full text of the communication.
  • The rest of the text, if the communication is selected for publication, will also be written in Times New Roman 12 font, single spacing, upper, lower, right and left marginal spaces of 3, posterior spacing: 6, and may not exceed 12 pages.

Authors must be university professors, legal professionals, or professionals from other disciplines, enrolled doctoral students in an official Doctorate Program, or students in an official master’s program.

Each presenter may submit only one communication, and co-authorship is allowed.

Deadline for submission of communication abstracts: 03/22/2024.

The presenter will receive a response from the Scientific Committee via email within ten (10) business days following the submission of the communication abstracts.

All abstracts will be evaluated by the organizing committee and the scientific committee, who will decide on their acceptance or rejection based on:

  • a) Relevance to the Congress’s focus
  • b) Specificity of the topic addressed
  • c) Scientific development and quality of the text
  • d) Conceptual and methodological rigor

Only communications that adhere to the formatting guidelines and are submitted on time will be evaluated.


Communications that do not meet the formal requirements of a research paper will be excluded.


The organizing committee reserves the right to determine whether a communication proposal falls within the selected line by the author or belongs to a different line.


It will be a mandatory condition to receive a certificate of communication presentation that the communication has been accepted by the Scientific Committee, and the presenter has paid the respective registration fee.


The Organizing Committee will select, among the communications accepted by the Scientific Committee, those that will be presented orally in the respective sessions of the Congress, communicating it no later than 03/22/2024.


Among the communications selected for presentation, those that will be published by a national publisher will be chosen, and this will be communicated by 06/30/2024.

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